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We believe in an elegant and discrete use of the flooring as a way to secure and provide autonomy for elderly people. Extremely reliable data and innovative sensors allow us for behavioral analysis to prevent any physical activity drop from your patients. We also detect any fall on the floor and alert the medical staff. All of it 24/7, in real-time.

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Jean-Noël Karr
Head of Innovation
ISS France

The Technis product offers both real-time, for the daily activity of the operational staff, and data analysis that will serve long-term objectives, making it a very complete solution.

Eric Du Pasquier
Security Officer

Analyzing the data provided by Technis allows for improvement of the signage or urban design of your infrastructure while ensuring the security of users.

Patrice Merlin
Security Officer

Being able to warn people in real-time about reaching a fixed threshold of people in a facility is a key characteristic in the exercise of our profession.

Nathanaël Ha-Vinh
Head of Event
MCH Beaulieu

For Every Tradeshow Director, counting and people flow management are essential. They allow us to justify to a large extent the success of our Tradeshow.

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