Technis fuels its strong growth with a €3 million investment

Technis fuels its strong growth with a €3 million investment

The investment enables the startup to pursue its growth strategy. Lead investor m3 GROUPE will also become the exclusive distributor of Technis Solutions in Switzerland. In addition, the start-up will open its first office abroad in Paris.

Nestlé Technis Stop&Go

Event venues, shopping centers and stores, schools, museums, casinos, leisure centers or public authorities; Technis’ connected floors enable many customers, in Switzerland and abroad, to abide by health regulations. Its smart metering solution combining a thin layer of sensitive sensors and artificial intelligence respects privacy and its digital terminals enable customers to control people flows in real time.

A Solid Partner for the Swiss Market

The € 2 million m3 investment in Technis, via its private equity company Chatila Rais Investments, enables the startup to pursue its growth strategy and expand its activities. The Geneva-based group will also become the exclusive distributor of Technis solutions in Switzerland.

Abdallah Chatilla, President of m3 GROUP: “This investment is a unique opportunity to support a Swiss startup with strong potential. The solution, which offers unequalled precision, allows us to respond to the health challenges we are currently facing. We intend to promote this technology in order to help stop the spread of the virus. »

In Switzerland, Bongénie Grieder, the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Nestlé’s Headquarters in Vevey, the Barrière Casinos, the Bayeler Foundation, the Bains des Pâquis and the NonStop Gym Chain are among the clients that were enthused with the solution developed by Technis during the crisis.

International Prospects

The € 3 million investment round creates significant development opportunities for the international market, starting with Technis’ first sales office in Paris.

Wiktor Bourée, Technis’ Founder and CEO: “The Paris office is our answer to address strong demand in the French market. Many renowned players, such as SciencesPo Paris or CentraleSupélec, depend on our solution to prepare for the start of the new school year with peace of mind. We aim to be present at their side. »

Recently, the Town Hall in Nice commissioned Technis to manage visitor flows during the presentation of the Tour de France Teams, at the end of August.

To meet this growing demand, Technis has started an aggressive recruitment process in Switzerland and in France. Distribution partnerships in several countries will soon be announced.

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Radio Europe 1: Technis in the spotlight of the podcast “L’innovation du Jour”

Radio Europe 1: Technis in the spotlight of the podcast “L’innovation du Jour”
Technis Europe 1 l'innovation du jour

It is a new tool that could make life easier for traders, now forced to juggle social distancing rules within their brands. Specific tiles, installed inside and outside the store, can count the number of customers making their purchases, in order to precisely limit the number of people in the store.

Since Monday, the stores are gradually reopening. But inside, you have to make sure that customers can respect social distancing. Some now use special tiles, which count the number of people entering and leaving.

It will be much more reliable than a manual count. Especially when the store has five or six entrances on two or three floors. These are tiles that are installed at each of the doors (inside and outside). They will analyze everything that passes over it. And being able to tell the difference between a cart, someone coming in, an animal or someone going out.

This makes it possible to count the comings and goings and to know, at all times, how many people there are in the store. When the maximum is reached, a message is displayed on the reception terminals. Or we warn the security guards to make the new arrivals wait.

It will take some getting used to, but it never feels good to be stuck in front of a store. 

Yes, it’s true. But the system will have the advantage of being open to the outside world. So we can also know how many people there are in the store. And only go shopping when there are fewer people.

Another advantage: it is less intrusive than cameras, with which there is always a risk of surveillance, of recording images. Whereas with tiles, at worst, you will only know your size.

Are there already stores using them?

It’s only starting. Until now, this kind of technology has been found mostly at large trade shows. With the pandemic, they have been adapted to our neighborhood businesses. We could also find them in public transport, to avoid saturating the trains.


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Agefi Magazine : Strong growth for Technis during Covid-19 crisis

Agefi Magazine : Strong growth for Technis during Covid-19 crisis, thanks to its Stop&Go solution.

The new Stop & Go system is made up of a counting mat and a digital terminal which enable health standards to be respected.
Dozens of digital terminals have already been deployed in several European countries, allowing public establishments to regulate their visitors in real time.
Stores and other public places can thus automatically enforce the maximum number of authorized persons.
A person limit not to be exceeded is set in the Technis application, allowing visitors to wait automatically if the reception capacity is reached.

stop and go technis

Increase in orders

In recent weeks, orders have continued to flow, fully mobilizing the twenty or so employees of the start-up.

«We are now producing in one day the equivalent of a month’s work before the crisis! For businesses, this is an accessible, turnkey solution with proven technology, since our products have been in service for several years. Our system avoids having to place a security guard in front of each entrance, offering an efficient and economical solution to our customers “, explains Wiktor Bourée, CEO of Technis.

Dozens of terminals are currently in the test phase with supermarkets, shops, head offices, company restaurants or sports halls in several European countries, including Switzerland and France.
Among its clients: CERN, Palexpo, Nestlé, Microsoft and the Beyeler Foundation.
In this period of crisis, Technis had to review its logistics chain by prioritizing European suppliers. All of its products are fully assembled in Switzerland.

The company will soon initiate a recruitment process to meet strong demand, and is already working on new applications to perpetuate the use of its digital terminal with its new customers.

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Agefi - forte croissance de Technis durant la crise covid19

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