CCI France Suisse : Table Ronde sur l’IA

Participation de Technis à la table ronde organisée par la CCI France Suisse

Mercredi 27 Mars nous participions à une table ronde organisée par la Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie France Suisse autour de l’intelligence artificielle et de l’e-santé. Ce fut l’occasion d’échanger et de faire des rencontres d’affaires sur un thème aussi intéressant que complexe et plus que jamais un objectif majeur de Technis pour les mois/années à venir.


Retour en photos sur l’événement :


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Technis wins Activage project Open call


We are delighted to announce Technis has been designed as a winning project of the Activage opencall, which has received funding from the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union.

A huge step forward for the development and commercialization of our Smart flooring solution for fall detection and prevention. We will deploy our solution in Europe, particularly in Greece.

More info :

Some pictures of the kick-off meeting and workshop that took place in Madrid:


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Technis‘ interview with CNN Money Switzerland

The interview was produced and executed by CNN Money Switzerland. The full interview is available on their website

Exciting new interview with CNN Money Switzerland

Recently, Technis‘ CEO Wiktor Bourée had the pleasure to meet CNN Money Switzerland . It was the perfect occasion for sharing with Ana Maria Montero some news about Technis and the development of a smart flooring technology like no other.
From the Swiss Startup Ecosystem to the potential of the elderly care market for such a solution, a wide range of questions were covered.

If you missed it, please make sure to check the video on CNN Money Switzerland Website :

Link to full interview : Technis Smart Floors : changing the analytics game, one step at a time

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