A.I. smart flooring start-up Technis raised $1.4M to deploy in the healthcare market

The Lausanne-based startup is taking a major step in its expansion with a second fundraising of $1.4 million, bringing the total investment since its inception to nearly $3 million. An investment that will support marketing and sales of its product into the healthcare market, expected to begin in the first quarter of 2020.

CCI Wiktor Technis

Wiktor Bourée, founder and CEO of Technis.

Technis is in the process of marketing its new offer, Technis Care, the first integrated solution detecting falls and preventing various high-risk situations in healthcare institutions and retirement homes. With the agreement of residents, the solution is deployed under the floor in their rooms and allows for long-term monitoring of their health state. Data related to their physical activity is captured through the floor: number of steps, movement speed and fall detection. This in turn will allow medical staff to drastically improve diagnosis and personalization of the resident’s health care.

Wiktor Bourrée, CEO of Technis: “The flooring market is undergoing a profound transformation and represents millions of square meters installed every day around the world.
Technis connects infrastructures to render them more secure, all the while ensuring the independence of people living there. This funding will help us accelerate our deployment into medical institutions.

Technis’ development is supported by a strong advisory board, including former CEO of AXA Global Property & Casualty, Gaëlle Olivier.
Olivier Vialle, advisor of Technis, and previously Partner at PwC Strategy is delighted: “Technis disrupts in two ways: an intelligent flooring technology already operational for dozens of customers, and an innovative and profitable business model. Turning the floor into a service is the future of connected infrastructure. I believe Technis to be the clear market leader. ”

A concrete application of artificial intelligence already on the market

Technis, a startup from EPFL founded by Wiktor Bourée in 2016, analyzes and provides data for the management and optimization of infrastructures through connected flooring solutions. A thin layer of connected sensors placed under the floor, combined with artificial intelligence, captures and collects a large amount of data related to movement and activity of people in infrastructures, captured in real-time. Applications for the technology include counting people traffic, detecting falls, or triggering alarms – all of this through a truly non-intrusive solution.

With 14 innovation awards, the Technis solution has already been rolled out in several well-known institutions in the facility management market. Their list of customers includes the prestigious CERN, SciencesPo Paris, ISS, Palexpo and the Fondation Beyeler.


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Gaëlle Olivier joins Technis’ Advisory Board.

Technis is delighted to announce Gaëlle Olivier as a new member of its Advisory Board.


Gaëlle Olivier has a distinguished executive career in financial services, and currently acts as a business angel and advisor to newtech businesses.

She spent five years with Credit Lyonnais structuring equity derivative products before joining AXA in 1998. She held a number of senior executive roles at AXA including CEO Asia Property & Casualty, CEO France Commercial lines, Group CEO of AXA Property & Casualty (30bn€ revenues and 2.5bn€ earnings) and was a member of the AXA Group Management Committee. Her knowledge and expertise embrace Asset Management and Life, Health & Protection and Property & Casualty insurance.

Motivated by the impact she can have through her responsibilities and inspired by new challenges and creative adventures, she enjoys engaging into new topics and leading her teams to new territories.

She spent ten years in Asia, including five years in Japan and five across India, China, Hong-Kong and South East Asia.

She has decided to leave AXA at the end of 2017 and to engage into entrepreneurial projects. She is a non Executive Board member of Danone Group since 2014 and a member of its Audit Committee.

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Bilan.ch : Portrait de Wiktor Bourée, CEO de Technis

Cet article est tiré de l’édition en ligne du magazine Bilan.ch. Il a été rédigé par Paul-Edgar Levy. Pour le retrouver en intégralité, cliquez ici.


Les « success stories » entrepreneuriales nous fascinent, nous font rêver jusqu’à nous sembler trop belles et inimitables. Sauf qu’elles ne sont que la partie émergée de l’Iceberg ; lorsqu’on s’intéresse de plus près aux parcours de ces entrepreneurs, on se rend compte que le chemin vers le succès est bel et bien à la portée de tous.


Wiktor est en bon chemin. L’entrepreneur de 27 ans est fondateur et CEO de Technis, une startup lausannoise made in EPFL qui a développé des sols connectés intelligents basés sur l’intelligence artificielle capable d’analyser en temps réel les flux de personnes. Sa plus-value ? Permettre à ses clients d’optimiser leurs ressources et d’être plus performant (sécurité, nettoyage etc..).

Fort d’un pivot stratégique opéré il y a deux ans, des universités, centres d’expositions, hôpitaux ou encore des grandes entreprises de sécurité lui font confiance. Actuellement la startup, qui vient de passer le cap des 9 millions de personnes décomptées par ses capteurs, est en train d’opérer une levée de fonds « série A » afin de définitivement prendre son envol […]


Cet article est tiré de l’édition en ligne du magazine Bilan.ch. Il a été rédigé par Paul-Edgar Levy. Pour le retrouver en intégralité, cliquez ici.

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